Plant Growers Club is mainly marketed to people within the United States. Trading seeds or plants is easier when the shipments don’t have to cross international borders. Most of our members are from the US, but anyone is welcome to join.

Yes. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and use. We are supported by sponsored advertising, affiliate partners, and donations. We greatly appreciate it if you whitelist us within your ad-blocker. Our ads are NOT intrusive/popups and are clearly marked as sponsored within the areas of the website that ads are displayed.

Don’t post anything illegal.

Don’t post copyrighted or pirated materials.

Don’t post porn.

Don’t threaten or harass others.

Don’t scam anyone.

Don’t ship restricted/illegal plants or seeds to places where they aren’t allowed.

Yes, it is encouraged.

Yes. Members can buy, sell, or trade here.

We have a rating and review system in place to help guide you to trustworthy members for trades or sales. You can view the members profile to see their current standing. You should always make smaller trades/deals with newer members. Members who are known to scam will be banned. Plant Growers Club or the owner is in no way responsible for loss of funds or goods.

Go to the members profile page and move your mouse over their profile photo. You should see a yellow star appear to the right of their profile picture, click it.

Another way is to go to the members page. From the main menu: Feed > Members. Find the member, or use the search feature. Float your mouse over their profile and click the yellow star.

It’s up to you and the other member. PayPal and Stripe are popular services used for sending payments. You can instant message the member to work out payment details. Plant Growers Club does not process payments.

Yes, feel free to promote you plant nursery or other plant related business but please do not spam with duplicate or excessive posts.

Donations help keep this project alive. They help expand the functionality of the website with new and better features for your benefit. By donating you will receive access to a hidden/private donors group, a donors digital badge, bonus “plant points” used for redeeming plant seeds during promotional events, and possibly more benefits within the future.

We send an emailed newsletter once a month or less and promise not to spam your inbox. This newsletter is different from your automated account alerts. The newsletter features important news about the club and featured articles about plants. You can edit your automated account alert emails in your account settings.

Plant Points are digital points rewarded automatically by participating in the Plant Growers Club. You can redeem plant points for free plant seeds or other goodies during promotional events. Visit this page for more information.

Digital badges are rewarded to members for major achievements within the club. They are displayed publicly on user profiles. Visit this page to see all of the badges and descriptions.

Check out our article on how to trade on PGC here.

Yes! We give away free seeds during promotional events. Check this page for more information.

Just copy the url/link for the video from sites like YouTube or Vimeo and paste it into your status. The video will automatically embed into the activity post.