Best DIY containers for gardens

Do you know the meaning of Do you know the meaning of DIY? It means do it yourself yes that’s right! Are you a plant lover?

Who’s stopping you? Now you can make your garden more beautiful by purchasing containers. Make sure that you have knowledge about plants and you know how to plant and grow in the containers whether in summer and winter seasons. If you don’t have information about plants then find a local expert who can guide you through it.

When you have colorful plants, don’t expose directly to the sunlight as they are not sun lovers, they prefer to stay in the shade. Now you can attract more hummingbirds in your garden by planting them in the containers. Tall plants can block the air and light of your neighbor’s house. Why not start planting trees in the garden?

You imagine you create!

DIY containers have so many benefits

  1. Now you can grow a variety of plants with different soil needs
  2. It saves time and labor-saving as less time is spent when plants are together in one group
  3. It is very easy to take out a few fresh hubs for cooking.
  4. It improves the indoor quality of the air, health, and well-being of the fresh plants.

My entire vegetable garden is in pots. It definitely makes life easier in some ways. I can move them around wherever I want them (great for overwintering peppers and such). Easy to water. Cheaper than raised beds. You choose the soil quality.

Another consideration is how the container will affect the plant. For example, almost everyone knows how a container not having drainage holes can affect a plant. But somewhat surprisingly another big consideration when choosing a container is material and design. I’ve recently been using cloth pots, and they’ve made a surprisingly large difference in some plants because of all the extra aeration. Potatoes are a great example. Combine nutrient rich light soil (maybe something 30% to 50% Coco coir) and a cloth pot and your potato harvest could be greatly improved.

Hey there!

Your thoughts on containers are fantastic! I personally love having plants in containers that I can move as needed, and even bring them inside when the weather gets bad!

Another way to have DIY containers is to recycle anything that you aren’t sure what to do with!

For example, I just recently took a dilapidated wheelbarrow, leaned it against one of the shed walls, and filled it with soil for plants! It was a great way to recycle something that would just end up in the landfills, and it makes for a very pretty and pleasant garden!

I’ve seen people recycle in a variety of ways, including using plastic bottles! They cut them in half and invert the top into the bottom, so it turns into a cup-like piece. Then, you could even create your own irrigation system with it!

The opportunities are endless when recycling, and so that’s a whole new way to DIY!

Thank you for your thoughts!!