[CA] Wanna Trade With Me?

[CA] Wanna Trade With Me?
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Hi everyone!

I thought I’d partake in this awesome opportunity to trade some seeds and have some fun with you all!

I’m looking for anything exotic that speaks to where you’re from. Something special and unique, that I wouldn’t be able to get here.

Looking forward to sharing my area’s seeds with you, and getting some of yours in return!


Most of the significant plants from Canada are actually trees! I have many starters for some unique trees/bushes such as the Pacific Dogwood, the Pawpaw Tree (fun name, right?), the Maple Tree, Oak trees, etc.

I also have some seeds to create native, lovely flowers, such as the cardinal flower. I also have seeds for: evening primroses, heart-leaved aster, the Canada lily, and many of your other more general flowers such as sunflowers, roses, etc.

Finally, I also have availability to all of our fruits and veggies as well! If there’s a specific fruit/veg you’re looking for, such as a strawberry, blueberry, grape, etc, we likely have it. Where I live, the grapevine is very crucial as we are big winemakers, so we have some very unique options that way.

If you have something particular you’re after, especially from Canada, it would be easier for me to see if I can get it, so just let me know!


I am super open! I’d love to get some unique flowers from somewhere different. I have travelled to many U.S. states, and have seen the beautiful Hibiscus in Florida, lovely cherry blossoms in Washington, and many more.

I would love to see whatever you are proud of for your location. This could be Georgia’s peach seeds, to somewhere even like England’s bean plants.

I am very open to anything, and I would love to just see what you have to offer.

Thank you! Stay safe :slight_smile: :grinning: