Can you use pineneedles as mulch?

was wondering if its common to use pineneedles as mulch. do you?

Yes! They make a great mulch. They break down slowly and don’t make the soil acidic like a lot of people say. Check out this video.

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nice! pine needles it is then! i will use them in my garden. they have a pine tree in my yard. i get pine needles free.

So how did they work out for you?

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works great! no more issues with weeds. plants seem happy. nice having an almost unlimited supply of free mulch right next to my garden.

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Hey there!

I have definitely seen pine needles used as mulch! They’re very helpful to use since there’s usually a plethora of them, very helpful!

I also noticed that you can use leaves and hay/straw as well! They are all good for resisting weed penetration, but I would bet they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as pine needles, haha.

Thanks for your question, I learned a lot!


thats perfect for someone who lives near a field

i have many pine trees around my neighborhood, so pine is readily available in my situation

i love the look of pineneedle landscaping

i hate the fake rubber stuff

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