Citronella plants are toxic to pets

Citronella plants are toxic to pets

i did not know this but citronella plants are toxic to pets so be careful if you have them

do not let your cat or dog eat the citronella plant

the plant has a oil in it that is used in bug spray

I have a cat and want him to be happy, healthy, and without GI tract issues. Thanks for the information!

The ASPCA maintains a comprehensive list of plants that are toxic and non-toxic to dogs, cats, and horses (1026 in total!). The list is conveniently available in printable format, Google searchable, and can be filtered by animal. Some surprising ones toxic to pets are apples, aloe, apricots, parsley, tulips, and lilies. Acorn squash and basil are non-toxic, but I’m sure you’d probably want them for yourself anyway…at least I would!

They also maintain a 24-hour poison control emergency hotline that you can contact if your pet appears to be ill from consuming a toxin.