Climate Change

Hey guys!

While I could see this being a controversial topic for many people, I thought it would be worth opening a discussion about everyone’s thoughts on climate change! I thought this could relate to plants since clear-cutting is a major issue in the causation of climate change.

Personally, I believe it to be a true thing that is impacting the world. I think the overuse of land and strain on the planet is definitely causing the land to be overwhelmed, and influence our atmosphere as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s true or not?

If you think it’s true, what kind of ways do you think we could help make it better? I find it to be a daunting task to think about, but I do try to make efforts towards a better planet. For example, I have just planted four trees in my yard, and I work hard at recycling? What methods would you do, or are doing, to help preserve the atmosphere?

If you don’t think climate change is real? Why not? My father believes climate change isn’t true, because the planet is always changing temperature. He believes that the planet is its own entity that isn’t heavily influenced by us and does things based on its own makeup and actions. Food for thought! What do you feel?

Overall, feel free to share any thoughts, links, or articles relating to plants and climate change!

Stay safe everyone (: