Coolest Types of Blueberry Plants

Coolest Types of Blueberry Plants

Check out my list of the coolest types of blueberry plants! Blueberry plants are hardy and can be grown in many different zones. They look great ornamentally and produce amazing tasting fruit. They are also easy for beginners to grow. I surfed the internet and made a list of the most interesting varieties of blueberry plants I could find. Each type of blueberry plant has the recommended USDA hardiness zones listed so you can see if the variety will grow in your area. Some of these rare types of blueberry plants aren’t available at big box stores and you will probably have to get them from a specialty nursery or an online vendor.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry
Pink Lemonade makes bright pink blueberries. In the fall it produces white and pink flowers. It comes from a USDA breeding program done in 1996. Being a self-pollinating variety, you don’t need two plants to produce fruit. The blueberries from this plant should be ripe around late July to early August. Pink Lemonade comes from the Northern Highbush family.
Zones: 4-8

Chandler Blueberry
Another blueberry plant from the Northern Highbush genetic line. The chandler blueberry is known for being the largest blueberry variety in the world. Chandler is very cold hearty and can withstand temperatures as low as -15°F. It ripens late into the season with an extended harvesting period. A mature Chandler blueberry can be between 4 to 5 feet tall.
Zones: 4-7

Perpetua Blueberry
What makes this blueberry plant unique is that it fruits twice per year, making an additional crop of berries in the fall instead of just the summer. Perpetua ripens in early July and the fall crop ripens in October. Like other types of blueberry, Perpetua is self-pollinating, so you only need one plant to harvest fruit.
Zones 4-8

Pink Popcorn Blueberry
Pink popcorn is similar to the pink lemonade variety but lighter in color. It is known for being easy to take care of because of it’s resistance to disease and pests. One bush can produce up to a pound of pink fruit. It ripens early to mid-season. If you know of any other unique varieties of blueberry, please let us know in the reply comments below!
Zones: 3-7