Coronavirus Gardening?

I’m sure that a lot of you have much more free time with all of the lockdowns. Now is a good time to work in the gardens. With the way the economy is looking, growing extra food to save money wouldn’t be a bad idea. Have your gardening habits changed over the last month or so due to the pandemic? I started planting a lot more recently. I’m growing beans, potatoes, blackberries, goji berries, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi, okra, and lentils.

Totally agree. I always wanted to do gardening, I just never had the time for it. But now because of the coronavirus, I suddenly have so much time on my hands. Plus I also have two toddlers. So I get them to help me with watering the plants, talking to them, and taking out the weeds. It doesn’t really make my job easier but at least it keeps them busy. They absolutely love it and I hope they develop a love for plants.

It’s also a big advantage that I have vegetables and fruits right in my backyard, especially now when it’s so hard to get supplies and going to the market or the groceries has become a risky adventure. I just wish I had more space to grow more plants.


I can’t agree more! My family have discusses the use of gardening to maintain our household directly when Corona started. The whole endeavor was scary and we were very anxious about going to the grocery store, so we plan on getting lots of seed and doing some good growth this season!

However, the soil on the property is all clay-based and really difficult to work with, so this might pose a challenge. We would probably make an effort to go to a household store like Lowe’s to get some soil that’s usable, but that also will prove a challenge due to COVID-19, so any ideas are always welcome!

I’ve definitely been spending more time in the garden since lockdown began. Aside from the obvious benefits of harvesting my own fruits and vegetables, I’m finding it so therapeutic. We are living in such strange times at the moment filled with so much uncertainly and panic. I find that I forget about everything that’s going on in the world when I put on my gardening gloves and spend a few hours outside watering, weeding and wandering around the garden. My plants have never looked so good! It’s amazing how healing and restorative spending time in the garden can be. I’ve been very grateful for this opportunity to slow down and give my plant babies the extra TLC they deserve.