Creative Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Raised garden beds can be made in so many different ways, from so many different materials! If your looking for ideas for your next raised bed, then you’ve come to the right place! This article describes some of the best ideas I’ve seen online.

While commonly found “raised bed kits” found online work great, you can save money by using reclaimed materials. I have made raised beds from old bricks that a family member wanted removed from their yard. While vacationing in Arkansas, I collected natural stone from the edge of a mountain to create a raised bed.

Raised Bed Garden Idea List

  • Pre-made Garden Bed Kits - This is a good option if you don’t have access to reclaimed materials or if you’re looking to make a raised bed from new materials that will last a long time. These commonly come as wood, vinyl, or metal and they are pre-cut to allow for easy setup.

    pre-made raised garden bed kit - amazon link

  • Trough Raised Beds - Animal feed troughs aren’t very hard to find but don’t forget to drill holes in the bottom to allow for proper drainage. One big benefit to a trough bed is that it doesn’t require any construction. Metal conducts heat, so that could be a good or bad thing depending on your climate and the type of plants your growing.

  • Cinder Blocks - A common method for making raised beds. Cinder blocks are cheap, last forever, and can be painted to give them a more colorful appearance. You can even grow inside the cinder block itself by taking advantage of the hollow space on the inside. It’s often said that the cinder blocks can affect the soil’s PH, so that’s something to consider.

  • Fenced Raised Beds - A great idea for keeping pets or animals out of your garden. Chicken wire fence is cheap and easy to find or you could use some type of decorative garden fencing. The fencing is incorporated into the walls of the raised bed, making it too complicated for larger animals to get in.

    pre-made fenced raised garden bed - amazon link

  • Raised Bed with Legs - These are great for people who have back issues and can’t bend over to tend to a garden. A raised beg with legs makes the gardening experience for manageable for many people. These types of beds are typically made of wood like cedar.

    pre-made raised garden bed with legs - amazon link

  • Old Tires - Some people use old automobile tires to create raised beds. This is a great idea for people with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset. Another big benefit of using old tires is that this method doesn’t require any construction like traditional raised beds do.

  • Natural Wood - Using old logs or large sticks piled together make for a nice organic looking raised bed. I appreciate this type of natural aesthetic, although it won’t last as long as some of the other raised bed materials. The slow breakdown of the natural wood feeds your plants and doesn’t contain unnatural chemicals that could affect the quality of a vegetable harvest.

What materials or designs do you use to make your raised beds? Do you have a favorite on this list? Show us a picture of your raised bed, or let us know what type of bed you plan on building in the comments below!