Eating grass as remedy for stomach ache for pets

Do you know that your Pets could literally eat grass as remedy for stomach ache?


It’s a little bit strange seeing your dog or cat eating grasses early in the morning or sometimes later during the day and you would wonder what’s happening with your pet. I bet you would think that whether your pet is actually a sheep in a dog or cat skin lol.

There was a time i noticed my cat eating grasses, for the first time I saw it I couldn’t believe it, then I immediately contacted my Vet and he told me that my cat is obviously suffering from stomach upset.

I said: “what?!”

So it’s quit normal for them to add some ramdom grasses added to their diet for breakfast or dinner. It helps them maintain there gastrointestinal problems and it can really helps you save from visiting a veterinary doctor all the time.

Hey There!

Yes, isn’t that a fascinating thing with animals?

Interestingly enough, most animals chew grass and plants as a whole when they aren’t feeling well. If you’ve ever had a pet eat a plant and throw up, it is actually usually on purpose!

If the plants don’t help send it down and calm their stomachs, there is usually the opposite effect, in which animals actually vomit. This helps them get rid of the hairball, or any form of indigestion they’re facing.

This is also where toxic plants for animals comes into play. Since they eat things to feel better or to throw up, having a toxic plant for them would still function the same, where they mow down on it until they’re sick. Unfortunately, the side effects can be very hazardous to these creatures, and that’s the real concern.

Interesting you brought this up, it’s one of those cool plant facts one wouldn’t initially bring up!

Thank you, stay safe!!