Fastest Growing Plants you own

It’s amazing to me some of the stuff plants can do. One thing I definitely appreciate in a plant is fast growth. I’ve got a few pitaya varieties and it’s awesome how I can see growth every single day. These pictures are taken 23 days apart and it grew about 2 feet taller in that time.

What are some of your favorite fast growing plants?

Cool! Did you grow that thing from seed @TheKoolzo555 ? I have some dragon fruit seeds but haven’t been successful with getting them to germinate. I’ve always wanted a dragonfruit plant. One of my fastest-growing plants is my moringa tree, I’m always surprised at how quickly it grows when I have it in full sun.

I bought 6 cuttings from various red, purple, and white flesh varieties online about a year ago. They’re all alive and some are growing great. Even in zone 8a I have to bring them in in the winter. I don’t have a green house so they spent months in the dark garage. They were semi neglected and through some mishaps 2 got snapped at the base. The bases have started growing offshoots. After leaving the broken stems laying on the concrete floor for months with no soil they still managed to double their size and grow another foot or 2 with no soil and are fine. They’re all replanted and doing well now. It’s honestly been harder to kill them then keep them alive, lol. They’re really cool plants and hopefully I can find better places to keep them.

I looked briefly into moringa trees and they’re definitely going on my plant wish list. I love plants with lots of uses and I definitely appreciate the fast growth and hardiness.
I’m reminded of the mimosa trees I see everywhere around here. You can have a decent sized bush with just a year of growth and a developed tree in 3-4.

Dragonfruit sound hardy, maybe I can keep them outside full time because I’m in 9a. I will have to try growing from cutting, I’m sure that’s easier than seed. I need to pickup some cacti soil with a good portion of sand. Good luck with your plants!