Favorite Plant

Favorite Plant

First post in the “General” section. :sunglasses:

What is your favorite plant? Mine is the the goji berry plant!

i like orchids. my favorite type is the vampire orchid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dracula_vampira

I have lots! But one of my absolute favorites is the purple Passiflora flower (also known as a passionflower). When in bloom, these beautifully complex flowers look like something from another planet. They’re a lovely shade of purple and grow quickly as a climbing vine in warm climates. They also produce a delicious edible fruit, the passionfruit! Which also happens to be one of my favorite fruits. In the world of herbal medicine, these little beauties are often dried and brewed as a tea to help with relaxation, sleep and anxiety. I’ve also seen it made into a tincture and an oil. Check it out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passiflora

Ooh! This is a fun challenge to think about, but for sure, I think mine would be the rose. I love the emotion behind it, and I just love what it represents. It is the best flower to receive, and it signifies romance and purity in it’s perfect form.

I also love hibiscus plants, as I just love their tropical glow! I fell in love with them on a trip to Florida, and since then I have tried to implement them into my area, which is difficult because I experience pretty severe Canadian winters!