Food forest vs regular garden

food forests have lots of benefits over traditional gardens. having your own backyard food jungle is a cool idea. do you prefer regular gardens or food forest?

I would pick the foodforest over a normal garden any day. There’s something magical about having a forest in your yard that provides an unlimited supply of healthy food. I think a foodforest would be less maintenance in the long run. Creating a full ecosystem of plants, bacteria, fungi, birds, and bugs will make for one healthy garden. Certain plants pair really well with other plants like nitrogen-fixing beans are great to have around other types of plants that need lots of nitrogen.

I would also much prefer a food forest. It’s a very appealing concept to me – an edible wilderness of plants and trees that compliment and support each other teeming with life, bio-diversity and beauty right in my own backyard. No weeding, spraying, digging or mowing needed. Plus no nasty chemicals and pesticides! Not to mention the holistic healing benefits of wandering around your own forest. The wild aspects of a natural growing forest in your own backyard would be so relaxing and calming. And being able to harvest high quality, naturally grown and in-season produce would be so satisfying and nourishing.

Food forests and traditional gardens made available to the public share a common premise - serving as an integral resource for feeding and educating their respective communities. They are especially important in increasing produce availability in communities identified as food deserts. They can both be established in urban and rural communities alike, pending space availability. However, aside from being idyllic environments, food forests are much healthier for the environment relative to traditional gardens, and they also promote local biodiversity. Since they only contain perennials and are designed to complement the local ecosystem, they require fewer resources (ex. fertilizer) for upkeep, instead relying on native organisms in the environment to help sustain them.

One vote for food forest! Not that there’s anything bad about just a regular garden. Taking care of plants in general is a wholesome hobby. But I think with limited space, like we have at home, it’s just more practical to grow plants that are useful.

I like planting vegetables and fruits. Though they take time to grow, especially fruit trees, but the rewards for waiting are worth it. Fresh and nutritious fruits as long as the trees are standing.

I also like planting vegetables, especially the ones I use often like tomatoes and herbs. I enjoy taking care of the plants, watering them, removing weeds, harvesting the fruits. I also get to save a lot of money.

Personally, I love the idea of a food forest, but I’m not sure I’d be able to maintain it. The magic of it all, and the reliability of it would clearly show how helpful it is to the average person. However, it seems like a large amount of work to create, and somewhat expensive. While it might pay off in the long run, I assume I would prefer a smaller-scale garden that could still give me the benefits of gardening, but not as much responsibility. It is always fun to think of things in the broadest perspective, but considering myself genuinely, I would like to have a manageable, fun, and interesting garden!

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