Free Audio Books on Plants and Gardening

Free Audio Books on Plants and Gardening

The internet has a few different places to get free audiobooks on plants and gardening. Audiobooks are a great way to learn about plants while driving or working when you can’t read a normal book. I surfed across the internet and found some audiobooks worth checking out. These all come from great places like LibriVox or LoyalBooks, digital libraries of audiobooks from the public domain that are usually recorded by volunteers. Be sure to check out our article on free gardening eBooks if you prefer to read instead of listening to your books.

ABC of Vegetable Gardening

This how-to book includes chapters on getting ready, mapping the garden, planting, seeds, early work, house plants, fruits, hotbeds and cold frames, and small gardens. There is even a chapter “expressly for women.” - Summary by Bill Boerst

Gardening Without Irrigation: or without much, anyway

Gardening expert Steve Solomon has written extensively on gardening techniques for the home gardener. Water conservation is the focus of this work, along with more information on how to have the healthiest plants in your garden through “fertigation”, appropriate plant rotation, and soil preparation. - Summary by Brenda Price

The Vegetable Garden: A Manual for the Amateur Vegetable Gardener

This book is a good reference on vegetable gardening. It covers the economic value of a vegetable garden, planning and locating the garden, maintaining soil fertility, hotbeds, garden tools, sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, growing and storing vegetables, managing garden pests, and fall garden work.

The Flower Garden: A Handbook of Practical Garden Lore

This book is a good reference on the perennial flower gardening and landscaping. It contains information on growing the plants from seed and explains how to grow and care for the traditional garden flowering plants, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. There are sections covering all aspects of ornamental gardens including water gardens and caring for house plants in the winter. The author has lots of unexpected but good advice in her chapter of Don’ts, for example: “Don’t supply with cut flowers, plants and the like, people who spend more money for unnecessary luxuries than you do for your whole garden, and then tell you how foolish you are to spend so much time and money, and work so hard for your flowers.” As this shows, the author is at times as colorful as the flowers in this informative book.

Organic Gardener’s Composting

The art and science of composting is presented in a humorous and readable manner from the basic elements to the in-depth science. An entire chapter is devoted to composting with red worms (vermiculture), and detailed information is provided on building different types of composting units. The history of the organic gardening movement is included as well as an annotated bibliography of works on the subjects of composting and food gardening.

Experiments in Plant Hybridisation

Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1884) was an Augustinian monk in the St. Thomas monastery in Brno. His seminal paper “Experiments on Plant Hybridization” presents his results of studying genetic traits in pea plants. It is the groundbreaking work on inheritance, being the first to differentiate between dominant and recessive genetic traits. His work was long ignored and deemed controversial, however, at its rediscovery at the turn to the 20th century, it earned Gregor Mendel the title “father of modern genetics”.

While not 100 percent free in principle, these are some more titles at the disposal of anyone fellow bibliophile who has a Kindle Unlimited subscription. These books are all eBook text format. :slight_smile:

Melinda Foster Series
Unique to this list, the Melinda Foster series paints an idyllic picture of the rustic lifestyle that surrounds homesteading, gardening, and farming. Its protagonist is the author herself as she leaves the big city to return to her rural roots, taking the helm of a farm. The seven books in the series are all titled after natural growing seasons.

Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education
Part gardening book, part nature essay (with lots of Thoreau invoked, according to one reviewer), and part memoir, Michael Pollan’s draws on personal gardening experience to seamlessly blend the art of gardening with philosophy. Among the accolades this book has received is inclusion among the American Horticultural Society’s 75 greatest books ever written about gardening.

The Autopilot Garden: MIGardener’s Guide to Hands-off Gardening
With a title attractive to the modern-day work-smarter-and-not-harder mindset, this gardening book allows readers to apply that same principle to their gardening methods. It is authored by Luke Marion, a YouTube gardener known on the platform as MIgardener, and is highly-ranked in the Garden Design and Organic Gardening & Horticulture book categories.