FREE SEEDS - Promotional Giveaway

We are currently giving away free seeds. All you have to do is register and post on our message board. We are doing this to promote our website and bring in new members.

The first person to meet the requirements will receive a 10$ gift certificate for Johnny’s Selected Seeds. They are an employee-owned seed company that makes yearly donations to a range of educational, agricultural, and horticultural programs and events, as well as local community projects.

From Johnny’s website or paper catalog, you can order any of their seeds with your 10$ Gift Certificate, and they will ship them to you. They have a wide selection of seeds including; vegetable, fruit, herbs, organic, and heirloom varieties.

This promotional offer is available to US residents only. This is due to the regulations and price involved with shipping seeds or plants outside of the origin country. Even if you don’t win the current giveaway, stick around for the next one because these promotional events will be ongoing. As the community grows, we plan on running giveaways with bigger prizes and more winners.

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How to win the free seeds:

  1. Register as a member if you haven’t already.

  2. Upload a profile image to give yourself a unique look.

  3. Make 25 quality posts. They can be new threads, replies, or a combination of both. Please don’t spam. These posts should be a minimum of 1 paragraph each. The 25 posts count starts today and doesn’t include previous posts.

  4. Send me a private message @Chill.Bill and I will have the gift certificate sent to you.

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