Growing Sprouts

Growing Sprouts

I’ve been growing my own sprouts for about five years now. It started when I was living in a tiny apartment with no garden or patio but desperately wanted to grow my own food.

They are SO easy to grow, take up minimal space and are a nutritional powerhouse you can add to salads, smoothies or you can just eat them on their own. All it takes is some seeds (certified organic is best if you can get yours hands on them), water and something to grow them in. I have bought myself a 4 tiered kitchen seed sprouter, but when I first started I just used a plastic tray or a jar. There are lots of how-to guides on the internet for growing but the most important thing is to rinse the seeds 3 times a day, have adequate drainage and air circulation (or they will go mouldy and be ruined).

No soil needed, you can grow them right on your kitchen counter all year round! They can be ready in as little as 2 days and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. My favorites are sunflower and mung bean sprouts.

Does anyone else like to grow their own sprouts?

That is so cool!

I never thought to do things like that, but I can definitely see the appeal. I personally love taking plants straight from the seed and growing them. I know that sounds like the average planting process, but I know many people prefer to just buy the sprout already growing from the seed.

I would love to try the sprouts you are talking about, it sounds especially helpful when you might be in a tough financial place and want to add some new excitement to your meals without spending a fortune!

Definitely a useful trick, and very intriguing in a science perspective!

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