How to Make Seed Bombs

Seeds bombs are said to originate from ancient cultures but also became popular in the '70s. They are very basic but highly effective within the modern guerilla gardening movement. If you want to learn how to make seed bombs, please read on. Seed bombs are made from a mixture of clay, compost, and plant seeds rolled together in the palm of the hand. The mixture creates a good environment for seedlings to start forming. They usually aren’t buried in the ground but are scattered by throwing the ball into areas that people feel need more plant life.

Seeds with hulls or shells should be opened up. Red clay that is high in iron is said to work better than grey clay. Sift your compost through a screen to remove large sticks and rocks. Add hot red pepper powder to your seed bombs to deter animals from disturbing them. Mix all of your ingredients together with a little water until its the right consistency to roll into a ball within the palm of your hand. If you’re saving the seed bombs to use at a later date, you need to immediately start drying them in the sun so that they don’t start germinating early.

While many websites are now selling their own, it’s really not that hard to make them yourself. Throw them into empty lots or fields, spread native wildflower seeds to help increase bee populations in your area. Throw them on roadsides to bring natural beauty to your area. Spread fruit or vegetable seeds for people to forage food from. Here is a video to help you learn the process of making them. You can also use other creative methods for distributing seeds like the seed balloon or seed pill. Good luck!

this is a cool idea! im going make some and cover empty lots in the city with wild flowers

Hahahah! That has to be the most wholesome thing I’ve heard in a long time.

We live in a difficult world where people don’t support our natural landscape, especially in big cities. I agree with you, this seems like the ideal way to spread some positive planting in a tough world.

It actually would be even more convenient given the fact that we are supposed to be social distancing. What an easy, fast way to create some more horticultural elements to the world, without putting anyone at risk.

I loved your comment, that’s definitely the best kind of bomb I’ve ever heard of, I wouldn’t mind one of those at my house (what a crazy thought, lol!)


This reminds me of a YouTube channel called Crime pays but Botany doesn’t
He’s got a very interesting prospective on plants to say the least, and he’s got a ton of knowledge on a lot of things in botany and botany related.

The seed bombs and guerilla gardening specifically remind me of 2 of his videos. In one he talks about his experiences smuggling native plants into nature reserves because they were being dominated by invasive species. In another he is revisiting fixtures throughout urban areas of the city where he discretely planted various things in public areas where the landscaping was lacking years ago. Very interesting stuff

This tutorial for seed bombs is very informative. Thanks for the info!

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This reminds me of a YouTube channel called Crime pays but Botany doesn’t

dude this is cool

i subscribed to his channel

i love his accent lol


@stevenkelt Glad you enjoy it as well. It’s weird seeing his face because he never shows it in his videos. It always amazes me how well he knows scientific names and can draw information about the plants from memory based on it’s genus, family, and such.