How to Trade Seeds and Plants on the Market

Welcome to the PGC market! This is where members buy, sell, or trade seeds and plants. Our market uses a system to make everything organized and efficient for trade. This makes it easier for everyone to browse the listings. Please read this guide to learn how it works.

Market Listing Tags
When you create a new listing in the market, other people need to know if you’re trying to buy, sell, or trade. This is where tags come in. Every listing in the marketplace requires a tag. Click the tag box, then select the tag(s) that best fit your market listing.

Post Title Template
We use the following template for market posts titles to keep things organized:

[Country] Username - Trade List

My trade post title is:

[US] Chill.Bill - Trade List

Post Template
This is our market post template. When you make a new post in the market section of PGC, you will see this template in the text area. These descriptive fields help others know exactly what you have to buy, sell, or trade. Although they are not required, we highly recommend using them.


replace this text with information or comments


replace this text with your have list


replace this text with your want list

Plant Location & Map Tool
We use a location and map system to help identify where plants/seeds are being shipped/traded from. Plants/seeds are easier and cheaper to ship within your country vs outside of it. This system helps people who are trying to trade locally as well. After a location is added to a market listing, it also gets added to our global map of all market listings. To access the map, look in the navigation menu at the top of the website.

Payments & Private Messages
PGC doesn’t process payments. That part is worked out between the members involved in the deal. Most people use services like PayPal or Stripe for sending and receiving payments. Use our private messaging system for details on payment and shipping, we don’t recommend posting these details publicly. You can message someone privately by clicking their avatar and pressing the message button.

Packaging Seeds
Seeds should be well protected when mailed to avoid being crushed. Bubble wrap mailers are the best option and the one I often use. For the best protection, use the bubble mailer and a layer of paper towel. Small plastic bags can help keep the seeds uniform inside the package. Multiple bags of seeds inside of one package should be taped down to stop them from shifting around. Most people in the United States ship seeds via USPS.

Cheapest Shipping Option: Letter
Although it is possible to ship SMALL seeds using the cheapest letter rates, I do not recommend it. The problem is that this type of mail is run through a sorting machine with rollers that can easily crush your seeds. Bigger seeds will jam the machine and your letter will be destroyed.

Paying the “non-machinable surcharge” is not worth it because the letter sometimes gets run through the machine regardless. If you decide to use this method, make sure that the letter is as flat and uniform in shape as possible. Use layers of paper towels to cushion the seeds from being crushed.

Best Seed Shipping Option
The best way to ship seeds is USPS First Class with a bubble mailer and added layer of paper towel for protection. With this method, packages arrive in 3 days or less. This is one of USPS’s cheapest shipping services. Although this isn’t as cheap as regular letter mail, it includes free tracking.

You can ship seeds that weigh up to 15.99 ounces with the First Class service. PayPal is a USPS partner and offers this shipping service with a discounted price compared to what you would pay at a physical postal office location. Save money, time, and skip the post office by printing your shipping label at home through PayPal or other USPS shipping partners online.

SASE or Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is a common method for mailing seeds. If you want to give someone seeds for free, you can ask that they send you a SASE. This means that they pay for postage and packaging for you to send the seeds with so that there is no cost to you. For more details on sending a SASE, read this article:

Member Ratings & Reviews
We have a reputation system that helps club members find honest and reliable people to trade plants and seeds with. Each member can have their own post in the market, this post displays their trade list and allows others to rate/review them. Tip: You can add your marketplace post to your member card/profile as your “Featured Topic” to make it easier for people to locate your trade list and ratings/reviews area. Click your profile image > preferences > profile > featured topic

Before using the market, please make sure you understand all regulations and laws regarding shipping plants, seeds, and soil. We are not responsible for your actions. We do our best to ban scammers but we suggest keeping trade deals smaller with newer members who don’t have much reputation on the website. By using this website, you agree to our Terms of Service.


Thank you so much for making this post! It is so interesting to see how the business of planting is developing, and how complex it all really is.

I think this is a great idea for becoming more global. With an opportunity to buy and sell plants, people must be able to try many different things that aren’t native to their area, and create some really unique yield!

However, would this possibly be an issue as well? With such an amount of invasive species being planted, do you think there might be risks involved for the ecosystems in the area?

Just a thought, but thank you for so many details!