Invasive Species

Hi folks!

I was just wondering what people’s experiences have been with invasive insects and plants taking over the natural area surrounding your home.

In my personal experience, we had a horrible bug called the Emerald Ash Borer that came and destroyed all of our Ash trees. We had to cut down at least 5 trees, and there are more that are slowly dying from their impact; this just being at our home alone.

I’ve seen many different stories of people experiencing new plants being introduced to an area that damage the surrounding agriculture, along with bugs and animals. I’m just curious if others have personal experiences, or tips to prevent disaster!

An image of an Emerald Ash Borer:


My local area in Louisiana is having issues lately with Apple Snails and Nutria Rats. Apple snails carry a parasite called Lung Worm that can be passed on to humans. They disrupt the ecosystem by eating large amounts of native plants, this kills off the habitat for native fish and animals. Their eggs contain a neurotoxin, so nothing will eat them to lower their population.

Nutria Rats have been an issue in Louisiana for a long time. They came to Louisiana from South America. Locals bred them for their fur because it was popular during that time, but they escaped and took over. They eat the roots of plants the hold the coastal wetlands together, increasing the levels of land loss that Louisiana has a big problem with. The state implemented an eradication program that pays 6$ per tail, so people hunt them for profit and some people eat them.


Vice Media did a good job documenting the Nutria issue in this video here: