Make Your Own Soil for Free

Do you make your own soil? My local store recently started carrying Pro-Mix, I love this pre-made potting mix but it cost a lot. Lately, I’ve been making my own soil mixes by collecting local ingredients that people put near the road for pickup as trash. I drive around and look for bags of leaves or tree bark. The materials usually need to break down more so I make piles in my yard until they are ready to be used. Mixing all of that together with my homemade compost makes a really nice soil that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Hi there,

That is some really incredible work you’re doing! I think it’s amazing to compile what one person sees as trash and turn things into something really helpful such as soil.

Personally, I am not someone who really makes their own soil. I have taken up more gardening due to COVID-19, but I still prefer to buy my own soil, as I have some good local stores that sell 10kg bags for just $2.50! However, one thing I’ve definitely taken advantage of is using older, used soil. For example, sometimes I have plants that pass away or seedlings that didn’t start properly, and I like to clean up the soil that was used, as they are usually pretty full of fertilizer.

I find it very helpful for my plants, it helps keep things pleasant and fresh, while also not making me have to go out and put myself at risk. It is so much fun to recycle as well, and I enjoy not just pitching the soil somewhere because that always felt so wasteful.

Thanks for your thoughts!