Mental Health & Gardening

Hi everyone!

The question how are you doing? has always been present in our blog posts. But in these uncertain times, there is an even greater concern as to the wellbeing of people in general. Mental health requires one to take care of themselves, and allow an opportunity for a break from reality.

While it is commonly mentioned, many do not know the benefits of gardening for one’s mental health! Not only are you caring for a living thing, but it doesn’t come with a lot of baggage. I am sure many of us have grieved over a plant that has not lived through the winter, but for the most part, we can move on. That’s the great part of a plant, you can love it and make it thrive!

Here’s an interesting article from Psychology Today that talks about 10 Mental Health Benefits that gardening provides us:

I wanted to make this post to highlight just how great gardening is for us, and how therapeutic it can be. Do you have any personal experiences with gardening getting you through a tough time?

And even beyond planting, do you have any other tips and tricks for the fellow gardeners on here for keeping good mental health??

Let’s talk!

I for one have seen my general happiness level go up with more gardening. My plants are something I can always look to and see how my effort and care has turned into progress and growth. Sometimes it’s hard to see those things in your own life, but a lot of times plants (at least to me) are almost a physical representation of these things. Bundle that with a feeling of self sufficiency and the beauty of nature and I think gardening is definitely good for mental health.

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i think its the only thing keeping me going :frowning:

corona isolation sucks

i need my garden time