New feature - pgc & social media cross posting

In an effort to bring new visitors to PGC, I’ve been working on a new feature that integrates our social media sites with our official site. When you make a post in the Plants section, it will cross-post the thread to our Facebook page with a link to the original thread here. This is the only one I have working now, but I plan on adding these as well:

  • New thread in Plants section, cross-post to our Twitter page.
  • New thread in Market section, cross-post to our Facebook seed trade group.
  • Reverse cross-post, when someone makes a post on our Facebook page/group, it will post it here on our official site as well.

I just created our new Facebook trade group, feel free to join. I hope these features help PGC continue to grow and I appreciate the support you all have given to our little community. If you have any ideas on how to expand this even more, please share your thoughts. Much love to you all! :heart:

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I’m going to pause this for now. It’s a hard decision. I don’t like the idea of “selling out” to Facebook. Facebook has the biggest community of seed traders and it’s hard to bring them here when they are already accustomed to using Facebook. I think that setting up a system that will cross post only the seed trade posts in the “market” section would be a better idea than giving them the content of our “plants” section. I know this can bring more traffic to PGC, I just want to be careful about how this is done.

I think that’s a good call. A lot of the content here is best suited in this ecosystem built around it anyways. There’s something special about having a community like this. Each discussion is unique and can go on for extended periods. On Facebook it just becomes another post that’s lost in the sea of others after a few days.

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