PGC Website Features

PGC Website Features

This is a list of all currently available features of this website. I’m writing this to help new members learn about what they can do here. If you have any questions on how these features work, private message me or reply below.

  • Dynamic Notifications: Live member notifications when someone quotes you, private messages you, mentions your @name, badge rewards, etc.

  • Responsive: Website appearance changes based on the device viewing it. The mobile phone version will look different than the desktop computer version.

  • Badges: Earn digital badges for using the website. These are just flair to show your level of experience here.

  • Auto Embeds: Links to many popular websites like YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc. will display directly on the website and automatically expand to provide additional context and information.

  • Trust System: The more you use the website, the more features you will unlock. More experienced members will gain more power to help maintain the club.

  • Community Moderation: Regular members can flag spam, harassment, and illegal content to be taken down by the moderators.

  • Auto Spam Block: Akismet spam blocking technology will automatically detect and block spam bots from posting in our community.

  • Social Login: Login and/or register with your account from other popular websites like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, etc.

  • Private Messages: Send messages directly to other members that you don’t want to be publicly visible to the entire club. This is good for sending payment or shipping details during seed or plant exchanges.

  • Likes: “Like” a post to show appreciation to another member’s post. Click the red heart icon to like a post.

  • E-Mail notifications: When you aren’t actively using the website, notifications will be sent to you via e-mail. You can turn e-mail notifications on and off in your settings.

  • Emoji: Large database of available emoji icons for displaying icons within your postings. Built into the text editor.

  • Seed/Plant Marketplace: Trade seeds & plants with other members of the club for free.

  • Location & Maps: Marketplace listings can be tagged with geolocation. Locations are displayed on a map. A global map is available with all listing locations. This helps to facilitate local plant and seed trade.

  • Buy/Sell/Exchange Tags: You can tag listings in the marketplace depending on what they are intended for. Members can filter through particular tags to find the type of trade they are looking for.

  • Completed Exchanges: Members can tag a listing in the marketplace as completed. This will auto-lock the topic and tag the title of it to show other members that the trade isn’t currently active anymore.

  • Member Profiles: Write your own custom “About Me” sections. Add your own custom avatars, profile header images, user card backgrounds, website, etc.

  • Birthdays: Members who enter their birthdays in their profiles will receive little digital birthday cakes.

  • Interface Settings: Change the way the website is displayed to you by editing text size and generals layout options. You can access these in the settings area.

  • Invites: Invite friends to the club by email. This feature also allows invitations to particular groups.

  • Highlight to Quote: You can highlight any part of someone’s post to quote what they are saying in your reply. A quote button will automatically appear after you highlight sections of someone’s post. Simply press the button.

  • Club Supporters: People who donate to the club get access to a special group with many benefits. Read about the benefits here.

  • Image Uploads: Images can be uploaded into forum posts. PGC will hold the images on its server.

  • Member Locations: You can display your city, state, and country publicly if you would like to show other members. Member locations will show when you click the member’s circular avatar image next to their name. This helps to facilitate trade in the marketplace.

  • Automatic Backups: All of the website’s data is backed up at a server level every week. If something bad happens to the website, it can be restored to a previous point.