Preparing For Winter

Hey everyone!

I thought it’d be fun to create a topic about preparing for winter!

What kind of things do you do to prepare for the seasons changing; if they do where you live?

I know that here, we tend to weed out our gardens one final time of everything we don’t want to sprout in the spring, we pack up all of our lawn furniture, and we save all the pots and plants that we wish to protect over the winter!

Do your efforts for the seasons change depending on the severity of the weather that year?

Any thoughts would be fun to hear about, even if you don’t have winter where you’re from, how do you end off your growing season?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I’ve been preparing for the cooler weather as well. Pulled back all my old dead tomato plants and started making room for new stuff. I had to clear out a bunch of weeds, and I started laying down fresh mulch. I’m looking forward to growing more stuff within the brassica family.

A while back I bought a purple tree collard cutting from eBay. It’s starting to get big, and I know it will appreciate the cooler weather. I have some bok choy seeds that I’m excited about planting soon, I’ve never eaten it but always wanted to try it.

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