Random seeds being shipped to people in the US from China?

Lately, I’ve been seeing a spike in local news reports about random packages of seeds showing up in people’s mailboxes in the US. All of these packages are coming from China. Many people in the seed trading groups on Facebook are reporting this happening to them as well.

Agriculture agencies are saying not to plant the seeds, as they could be invasive but I’ve also read about some type of e-commerce sales padding scam. People who order from places like AliExpress or Wish get their mailing information picked up by businesses who are trying to inflate their sales numbers on these e-commerce platforms. This gives them an edge on the competition as it makes them appear to be more experienced and trustworthy when they have tons of sales.

Anybody here getting random packages of seeds as well?

I have ordered from AliExpress before, even recently, and I even ordered a pack of some cherry seeds a long long time ago just to give them a shot since they were like 50¢. They came but of course we’re not viable, lol.

I haven’t received any weird packages as of yet but I know people are always getting weird packages of various things, so who knows.