Selling stock photos and videos of plants

So I recently got back into selling stock photos and videos online and one of my favorite subjects to shoot is plants. Anyone else into shooting stock? I originally started with a Nikon D40 but recently got a FujiFilm XT-3. I’m enjoying the XT-3, it’s so much better than the D40.

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How did you get into shooting stock photos? I’m not sure how professional you need to be to get started but that sounds like a really fun hobby. I wish I had the money to blow on a nice camera. That Fujifilm looks awesome

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Hey @TheKoolzo555 :grinning:

I started back around 2003, at that time it was a lot easier because the level of competition wasn’t as strong as it is today. I only recently started doing it again. You don’t need to be super professional to get into it. Some of the marketplaces allow smaller photos from cell phones, and some cell phones today have really nice cameras. You don’t need top of the line gear to start, and different platforms have different requirements for resolution and photo quality. I know that the EyeEm platform is extremely mobile phone camera friendly.

When selling plant photos, I noticed that specific varieties sell the best. A photo tagged as “apple tree” won’t sell as well as a photo of a specific type of apple tree. I use a plant identification app to help me get the correct terms for different types of plants. The most helpful tool I use is something called Xpiks, this allows me to upload to many different stock marketplaces from one dashboard, saving me tons of time.

From my understanding of the current market, video stock is much more profitable than photos because it isn’t as saturated. Also, the popularity of video creation is exploding because of websites like YouTube. I sell both photos and videos, that’s why I got a camera that is good for both.

I’m currently selling on 7 platforms and I plan on expanding that number but these are my favorites:

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