Terrariums & Vivariums!

Hi everyone!

I have a crested gecko, and I am recently beginning the project of making him a very exciting vivarium. These are very unique animal tanks, which are filled with vibrant, living things such as plants and small insects for your animal to explore!

I have decided to explore the business of terrariums and vivariums to make something really exciting for him since COVID-19 had stopped me from doing so before.

Here’s what a terrarium looks like:


And here’s a vivarium:

The vivariums have a more live-plant based idea, whereas the terrariums are more open to artificial plants.

I’ve seen many people make use of these vivariums to breed and create some incredible plants. What kind of things would you grow in one?

Do you know any other animals that like exotic tanks like this?

Let’s talk about it!

I like the idea of natural ecosystems. I’m sure they are a lot more work, but I’ve never been a synthetic plant person. Even if natural environments are more work, I feel like the work would be a rewarding experience.

When I was a kid, I built a small ecosystem inside of a plastic kiddie pool. It had many different species of plants, snakes, and turtles. I would ride my bicycle around my local area to ditches, ponds, and wooded areas to collect everything. I would catch minnows in the ditch and put them into the kiddie pool to feed the reptiles.

Good times!

:snake: :fish: :turtle: :leafy_green: