[US] Chill.Bill - Trade List

[US] Chill.Bill - Trade List
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I have a bunch of seeds for trade and I’m interested in edible stuff only, especially rare and odd vegetable seeds or fruit tree cuttings.


poblano pepper, yellow squash, bald cypress, crimson pear, bellpepper, cape gooseberry, purple tomatillo, red garnet amaranth, kohlrabi purple vienna, black oil sunflower, curled cress, japanese minowase daikon radish, moringa, red burgundy okra, patchouli, sugar baby watermelon, hearts of gold cantaloupe, habanero, peter pepper, napoli f1 carrot, blueberry unknown southern variety, gala apple, seckel pear

I also have Sunchoke tubers(helianthus tuberosus), not ready to harvest yet but coming soon.


  • Papaya - any variety - seed or plant

  • Pawpaw - any variety - seed or plant

  • Banana - any variety - rhizome

  • Fig - any dwarf/small variety - cutting or plant

  • Cucumber - white wonder, silver slicer, miniature white, lemon cucumber, honey plus hybrid, or any other odd color variety - seeds

  • Bamboo - giant gray, nuda, sweet shoot, any good tasting edible variety - seed, cutting, or plant

  • Dragonfruit - any variety - cutting or rooted plant

I’ve got a young lsu purple fig. Maybe a cutting?

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Definitely interested in that! You want anything specific on my list? I have everything listed in stock. I could give you a bunch of different seeds for a couple fig cuttings.

I have a fig tree and a dragonfruit cactus! You could come pick them up one day whenever you’re free. I’m out at the end of Lake Martin. I’d take some tomatillo and sugar baby watermelon seeds for them. Do seckel Pears grow and fruit here?

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That would be great, and I will give you a bunch of extra seeds! I’m not far from that area. I will PM you for details. The seckel pear does best in zones 5-8, I’m not sure if it would survive the heat of the summer here but you could try. It’s worth a shot because some websites list it as zones 6-9.

Try growing it in an area with some shade so that it doesn’t get direct sun all day. You need another variety near it for it to fruit. I got the seckel pear seeds from some fruit at the Fresh Pickens store, but I haven’t tried growing them myself. It takes 4-6 years for it to fruit.