Video games!

do you play video games?

i have a x-box one but i want a playstation 4.

i like single player games.

mobile games are android are fun too.

I have a PS4. I’ve been gaming all my life but I never really keep up with the news around them. After the prices for the recent gen consoles went to a reasonable used price I chose PS4 over Xbox kind of on a whim. I’m so so glad. I grew up on Nintendo then went to Xbox 360 a long time after release. The PS4 was kind of the final step in shaping the “gamer” I am today. I’ve become a loyal PlayStation user but still enjoy Nintendo and PC.

I’ve always enjoyed single player experiences as well. Bloodborne/Dark Souls, The Surge 2, LiSa, Titan Fall 2, turn based RPGs like Paper Mario and many others.

@stevenkelt I definitely recommend a PS4 if you can find one for a good price, but honestly the PS5 will be backwards compatible, is supposed to be moderately priced to encourage players to move from PS4 to PS5, and a couple months after launch people are always regretting whatever side they chose and want to swap consoles to match their friend’s. So hopefully the used market will stabilize soon. So if you ever plan on getting a new generation console it might be worth just holding out for a PS5.

Things to note if you want a PS4: the wifi chip stinks and makes most connections somewhat unstable and a lot slower than they should (at least for the standard PS4), the HDMI port is pretty fragile, if the get the pro the fan is really loud.

I’m not a console gamer, but that’s what I would do. Shouldn’t be much longer until the PS5 is released. I played consoles when I was a kid, but PC gaming is what really got me hooked. The original Half-Life was my favorite game. Recently I’ve been playing COD Warzone and The Witcher 3.

I’m looking forward to getting into VR gaming one day, but not anytime soon. The high-end VR systems are pricey but they will become more affordable as the technology matures. I already spend enough time gaming as it is, so I like to balance it out with spending time in nature.

Hey there!

Yes, I absolutely play video games!

I really enjoy using my computer for PC games, like League of Legends. Unfortunately, due to Covid I have had to move my living space and am somewhere with really bad internet connection. Due to this, I can’t play like I used to, but I still love the game!

I’m also a fan of the Nintendo switch! I played a lot of Animal Crossing, before I got really tired of it due to playing too much

I’ve never tried the PlayStation but I’ve heard there are fantastic reviews for it.

If you get one, I’d love to hear if you enjoy it or not!