What Makes You Happy?

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d create a discussion post to talk about some things that make life a bit better.

Lately, COVID has been making me feel really low, and I’ve been unable to focus on things that are important, along with even having fun in general. In case anyone else is feeling this way, I thought I could create a discussion area to talk about what you like to do to keep yourself feeling okay!

I know that usually, I relish getting immersed in something. Whether it is a videogame, a book, or a really good show, I love having something to be passionate about. I love having something I can completely focus on, and allow my mind to not focus on the other things going on in my world. It brings me some comfort, and I really enjoy it.

How about you? Do you have anything that brings you some happiness?

Bonus points if you have anything garden related that makes your life better!

Feel free to share your thoughts!

All the covid stuff has not bothered me too much, but my workload from school and work has been really heavy lately which has left me feeling exhausted constantly.

It’s a small thing, but my pepper plants are doing really well producing like crazy which is gratifying. All my chickens I got as chicks also started laying recently which is cool.

In the free time I do have I’ve been playing an old game called Breath of Fire 2 and I recently started playing League of Legends. I really enjoy the feeling of being immersed as you said and being able to focus on something I enjoy.