What Plant Defines Your Area?

Hey guys!

I thought it’d be fun for us to talk about some plants that are significant to your area. Feel free to talk about something that represents something as big as your country, or something as small as your city/town!

For example, I’m Canadian and we definitely have some unique plants that represent us. The poppy is a flower that we use to represent remembrance for the wars. We all pin them over our hearts during the month of November, and that’s our way of saying thank you for those who gave their lives.

We also identify the maple leaf, from the maple tree, as our national symbol. The leaf is on our flag, and pretty much used everywhere as an icon of being Canadian

What about you guys? What plants are significant to where you live?

My state flower is the Bluebonnet. They are highly revered around here, and it’s common to take family pictures in fields of bluebonnets. Although not true, it’s commonly told, especially among kids, that it’s illegal to pick or kill bluebonnets on public property.

All across Texas there are initiatives to keep wildflowers thriving. The state practices land maintenance that allows flowers to bloom and seed each spring, and throughout all of Texas, wildflower seeds are sown along highways and other roads which leads to an insane amount of flowers and colors wherever you drive. It’s common to see entire fields completely covered in flowers. I know pictures are usually taken of especially pretty spots, but it’s actually not unusual to see sights like these.