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I was wondering if the ZZ plant was familiar or worked with here in Louisiana and if there are any tips or tricks when it comes to caring for one. I just recently gifted one to a beginner with a heart of gold and a thumb desiring to be green. I’ve definitely done the Google rabbit hole but prefer to ask a community for their input. “Zamioculcas is a stoic type: it does not shed, does not grow rapidly and is the embodiment of stability. That Zen-like air means that the plant can provide a helpful focus for meditations, but it’s also known as the ‘green stoner’ amongst students.” 🪴✨


I had to look it up because I’ve never heard of it. It’s a beautiful plant!

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I love ZZ plants. Specifically the ZZ Raven variety I love. Very cool plants. I’ve had a large one growing in the same pot for 3+ years. Once they get settled they stay nice and happy pretty easily. The root system stays quite small as well, I would guess because they have a pseudo-bulb like system.

I’ve only learned about it in the context of houseplants, so if you referring to outside growing in florida, I can’t help ya there but wish you best in your growing.

A fun fact about ZZ plants is they can be propagated from any part of the plant, you can grow it easily from one of its pseudo-bulbs, but you can also put a clipping or even just a leaf in water and it will grow roots and continue to develop.

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I think that is one of my favorite aspects, the propagation ability. I gifted one to a friend who struggles with plants and keeping them thriving, because ZZ plants are essentially or supposedly an easy starter and I wanted something health beneficial that provided air purification and was pretty to look at I sought one out for her. Pythos are my go to easiest propagation and gift plant, but this friend was little more special than that. Here in our climate of Louisiana they are a good beginners choice to maintain since it will be an indoor plant. Thank you for your response, I am happy to hear about the longevity of your Raven ZZ, I wish you could show a photo! I also think the symbolism behind the plant is interesting as well as being a meaningful gift. Due to propagation abilities I am able to ask my friend for a clipping so I can enjoy it too lol. I wonder about their roots being sustainable or rather are they susceptible to root rot? Only time will tell, I will try and keep up with this blog when I get my clipping.

Do you have any plants that I could propagate with a little clipping? I enjoy water rooted plants as they are survivable to my lack of discipline in caring for plants. I am working on my routine and sadly just butchered my two beautiful palms due to root rot, I think. I was aiming at getting something like ZZ plants or easier for foliage in my living room or sticking with my sneaky snake plants that seem to have been the only ones to make it through the year over here under my care. I want to be able to branch out when I can learn to make this thumb a little greener.
I also am interested in building some outdoor raised garden beds for herbs. I think I need to learn a bit more and be prepared for spring as soon as possible. I enjoy your site because it helps with my dedication to the privilege of growing. Email me if you have any clippings I could grab here in town locally. Thank you!

It’s actually pretty easy to add photos here :slight_smile:
(The black spikes on the soil are to keep the kitties out of it)

Plants can be such meaningful gifts. We’d love updates from whatever plant journeys you embark on. This community is not super active yet, but we are slowly growing. Welcome :wave: